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Who Supports Me?

Tom Worden / Auburn City Council

" Sheila Eckman is a delightful friend who motivates me to be a better person. She’s bright, always informed on the issues, speaks from her heart and lives up to her responsibilities. It’s a pleasure to serve with Sheila on the Auburn City Council and on the Community Foundation Board. Sheila never quits working to make our community better. I will be proud to cast a vote for Sheila Eckman – County Commissioner, District I."

Mike Golden / President / Willow Creek Neighborhood Association

As president of the Willow Creek Neighborhood Association and as a neighbor of Sheila's, I have worked with Sheila on neighborhood and City issues for the past 8 years. I am very strongly impressed by her commitment to the welfare of her City Council constituents and to the welfare of the people of Auburn. I feel that her heart is really into her work as a representative and an advocate for both neighborhood and environmental values and it amazes me that she is willing to take on the added responsibilities of a County Commissioner. It underscores her concern for the future of Lee County. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental quality and quality of life issues that affect us. I believe that she would be a dedicated, responsible Commissioner who would advocate for us ordinary Lee County citizens and for responsible growth in the County. This is an opportunity for us to get a Commissioner who really cares about us and our future. Support and vote for her!

Gail Langley / Pinedale

As a member of Auburn City Council, Sheila Eckman has a proven, longtime track record of tireless service and dedication to the city. I am not one of her constituents, but neither are the many citizens who contact Shelia for assistance concerning issues in all wards of the city. Sheila is approachable and responsive in her role as a city leader. Her honesty and hard work is well known. Extending her public service to the county commission would add a great asset to Lee County. I give the highest recommendation in endorsing Sheila Eckman.

Erin Consuegra / Lundy Chase

I am a resident in Sheila Eckman's ward and have had several interactions with her. She has far exceeded my expectations on what a public servant should be. Ms. Eckman has personally treated me and my inquiries with respect, concern, interest, and kindness. From safety concerns to simple questions on how things work, Ms. Eckman has responded in timely fashion and completely satisfied my inquiries. Having attended several city council meetings over the past two years, I have observed Ms. Eckman asking questions, expressing concern, and exercising thoughtful judgment when difficult issues have arisen. There is no doubt in my mind that Ms. Eckman cares not only about the city of Auburn, but the residents within. I am extremely proud to have her as my city council representative, and feel very strongly that she will succeed as County Commissioner.

Art Sullivan / Neighborhood Watch / Cary Woods

As a resident in Sheila Eckman's Ward, I can honestly say we couldn't ask for better representation! I first met Sheila when she was walking door to door handing out flyers in 100 degree heat and asking if we had any concerns for her or the City. It wasn't long after that when we had an issue and Sheila was fast to respond and showed genuine concern. Sheila has become a friend since then and been VERY instrumental in helping us start the Neighborhood Watch for the Cary Woods Area. I have attended City Council meetings and have seen first hand how Sheila doesn't Vote with the majority, she really looks at the issue from the Residents point of view and what is best in the long term. Sheila has to be the best anywhere at communicating with the people with her website and email list we always know of any issue that might have an effect on us. The City of Auburn is a much better place having had Sheila serve as our City Council Representative for these years! I will Support Sheila Eckman!

Gene Chandler / President / Woodland Park

Now retired, I've been blessed with a most successful executive business career. In other words, I've been there and done that. The great news for us in Auburn-Lee County is that Sheila Eckman has also been there and done that AND is volunteering to do more. Sheila is a great listener and considers all sides before making a decision. She takes her time, but when she decides that decision is a sound one. I appreciate her energy, enthusiasm, poise and dignity, and her love for people who want to universally do good. And now I appreciate her willingness to serve us citizens as Lee County Commissioner. I truly know of no one I'd rather have than Sheila representing me and mine. Please vote for her---there will be no regrets when you do.

Asim Ali / The Cottages at Lundy West

As an Auburn resident of over 20 years, I’ve had the chance to see Auburn grow leaps and bounds. Growth should be managed responsibly, and I’ve found Sheila Eckman to be in tune with what citizens need and want in a leader. She has always been an empathetic listener of our neighborhood’s concerns, helping with adjusting speed limits, and working with the necessary leadership to have a traffic light placed at the intersection of Shug Jordan and Richland Road. I’m excited about the possibilities for Lee County with a person as energetic and dedicated as Sheila on the Commission.

Harold Watson / Cary Woods

Sheila will be a great county commissioner. She has been our city council represenative in Auburn for several years and has done an outstanding job. She has been very responsive to the needs and concerns of our district. Sheila understands the issues facing local governments and would work tirelessly to solve the problems that we face in Lee County. She has been very active on the Auburn City Council and is not afraid to do the right thing. We believe that Sheila wants to help make Lee County Alabama the very best place that it can be. It will be a privilege to vote for her for District one commissioner.

Rita Grub / Loachapoka

Sheila Eckman is a person of integrity who stands by her convictions. Her willingness to help people, even in situations that don't directly impact her areas of responsibility is outstanding. I truly appreciate Sheila's balanced, rational approach to growth and development in our community, as well as her ability to diplomatically work with both sides of an issue. We need someone like Sheila Eckman on the Lee County Commission.

Wendy Seesock / Loachapoka

Sheila Eckman would be an outstanding Lee County Commissioner! I have seen her in action for over 12 years and appreciate her energy, her desire to serve and her fairminded approach to problem solving. She has done what she said she would do, and she has worked to problem solve even on issues or questions that weren't necessarily on her turf. She also doesn't not hesitate to tackle an issue not familiar to her. She asks great questions, she listens and professionally pursues people and information to be able to respond to the many demands of her position as Auburn City Council woman. I am excited about her willingness to serve in our rapidly growing county.

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